Follow our ESA Elite Program and push your limits to heights you would have never thought possible.

Training Customized for You

Enhanced Speed & Agility is a program designed to bring the best out of each athlete. We do not settle for mediocrity, and we push you to the limit that we thing you are capable of. ESA uses a multitude of techniques that sets our training apart from all others. Once we get into the core of the athlete, their performance will improve drastically.

By engaging in these exercises, participants will be taught the proper techniques to improve flexibility and help prevent injuries through strengthening of specific muscle groups, tendons, joints, and ligaments.

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Training Regiment

Participants in our training system will be exposed to:
  • Video Analysis
  • Sensory Training
  • Pool Workouts
  • Beach Workouts
  • Plyometric Training
  • Footwork
  • Form Running
  • High Altitude Training
  • Balance & Core Strength
  • Dynamic Stretching